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Facebook is bad, just think about the children (but not the way you thought before)

published: 2018-03-27T16:30:44+02:00

I was walking home from the metro. I was passing by a few kids when I heard the words they uttered:

…asterisk scared asterisk…

The words surely rang a bell, but I wasn’t sure what exactly they meant. But I was sure immediately that my inability to communicate with the youth these days came from proprietary software.

Let’s tear this down cleanly.

The group passing by was boys, so presumably League of Legends players, and judging from my brother’s online behaviours, such people use two messengers: Discord and Facebook.

Now, if they were speaking like on Discord, what they meant was scared, because they spoke Markdown. That’s how Discord rolls.

But if they spoke Facebook Messenger, they actually meant scared, which in Markdown would be **scared** or __scared__.

Because Facebook decided to completely screw up at implementing Markdown-like syntax. They did away with the idea that asterisks and underscores are the same and it’s the number of them that counts (cue rimshot). So _text_ is text but *text* is text.

And frankly this rant was meant to be just another argument against Facebook – because just think about the children and the bad habits it encourages – but then I thought it would be unfair to say Discord is a better alternative when it’s outright proprietary and despises third party clients, while making their main client an Electron app, which in turn hates my 1 GB of RAM netbook.

So, be a good person and introduce children to free, libre, open source software for communication, be it Matrix or Mumble. Just think about the children.


published: 2018-03-10T11:30:18+01:00 :: last updated: 2018-03-10T11:32:51+01:00

Okay, so what if Flattr but for local music files?

I love listening to music offline, but Spotify has an undoubted benefit of still giving little bits of money to creators (even if the industry takes a huge part of the royalties for themselves).

So I was thinking, what if I could put my scrobbling data to some sensible use?

Let’s say ever musician has a public PayPal or something like that, and that I put 5 dollars every month aside for these payments. Work through the data, calculate who gets what part of the 5 dollars, and send them the split money.

Now that could only work if musicians got into it, and if enough fans got into it.


published: 2018-03-03T11:10:54+01:00

I wound up watching a bit of ERASED drama and, at least in the 1st episode, there are parts I really like over the anime.


published: 2018-02-23T22:36:04+01:00

Every now and then I have a really nice chat with somebody about local IT events and about how disillusioned I’ve become with the industry the startup community, the miraculous blockchains, AIs, MLs, clouds.

And then I feel like starting a commune in the mountains never to be heard from again on the internet.

Or I feel like destroying the internet and everything around it, and restarting it.

I guess I’ll go with the second option. Not now, probably, but one day it will be done.

Disbelieve hard as you can, but accept that it will happen. I’m a millenial after all. What is a mere industry in the face of my generation?


published: 2018-02-21T09:32:35+01:00

Dear Criterion,

please make crash animations shorter in the Burnout Paradise remaster. I love them as much as the next person, but they’re tiring when repeated constantly.


published: 2018-02-20T22:21:35+01:00

Seems like I haven’t pirated any anime in a month or so despite watching four and a half series every week. Nice.


published: 2018-02-20T09:41:19+01:00

However many meals last week had tomato sauce, it won’t stop my craving for spaghetti.


published: 2018-02-18T21:58:26+01:00

Just realized I could give my devices the .iscute.ovh suffix instead of .meekchopp.es and it would look way better.


published: 2018-02-17T19:15:15+01:00

So, I tried GeForce Now thing to play Overwatch, because I felt like having a quick match without installing. And it went mostly well. Mostly.

Suddenly during a match the connection went dialup quality and it felt like watching a YouTube video at 144p, 6 frames per second. It stayed like this for a minute. It happened again later, except this time it ended with complete disconnection. So there’s that.

Also hey, did the meta-game change? I played two games and both times my team kept getting smashed into the ground without getting a chance to leave the spawnpoint.


published: 2018-02-16T13:18:32+01:00

Of 5 weekdays that make up the break between the exams and the semester I spent 5 at my faculty. Nice.


published: 2018-02-15T23:41:13+01:00

I haven’t posted in a while, so this post is gonna be a little longer than the usual stuff.

I had a technical role in Polish Olympiad in Informatics this year. This took most of this week, and it wasn’t exactly fun - I was being trained to replace the current staff leader along with a girl from my year (who caught a cold and, sadly, disappeared after the first day), and the whole contest shouldn’t be handled by someone as counter-responsible as me. But I wrote one and a half software piece, so I guess that’s a good thing.

This however took my attention away from studying for my exam retakes, so my weekend’s gonna be harsh. I have to pick up as much of Calculus as possible. Same for Logic and Set Theory.

I suppose this explains well enough what I find so captivating about Yuru Camp, or as we here have taken to calling it, Bieszczady Mountains: the Anime (don’t worry if you don’t get it, it’s pretty much a Polish inside joke). It’s all so damn calm.

I’m sick of constantly running. When I was in high school, everyone kept bringing up student parties and whatnot, and I took it as a sign of student life being relatively peaceful. Then I went to uni and all I can think of is along the lines of “just a few more years, and I’ll land a job and have some rest”. But I rest assured that once I get there it will be the exact opposite. Maybe I’ll have to work at a corporation? Maybe I’ll be forced to get into some unhealthy work-life balance, go to work parties often? That’s just scary for me.


published: 2018-02-11T15:14:19+01:00

I think I came up with a really nice RPG setting for my friends, I owe them an actually good campaign after that monstrosity a year an a half ago when they forced me to DM without former experience… Yeah, I mean, maybe I don’t really owe them anything, but still some funny concepts.

Thinking up some scenarios for fantasy over real world canvas, including Polish politicians and some situational comedy that would appeal to my friends.


published: 2018-02-11T00:59:38+01:00

I’ve run into this Verge article about Jóhann Jóhannsson’s death, and though I haven’t heard any works previously, I fell in love with IBM 1401, A User’s Manual. Good stuff.


published: 2018-02-09T20:43:44+01:00

Forget Darling in the Franxx, forget Death March, forget Citrus, the real anime of the season is Yuru Camp.

I’d never thought I’d fall for another cutegirlsdoingcutethings anime after New Game but here we are. Probably got something to do with uni and my willingness to drop out and disappear into the mountains of Bieszczady.


published: 2018-02-09T20:38:22+01:00

Now that I have an iPad, what’s the best SSH client for it? Possibly a free one.


published: 2018-02-09T08:46:45+01:00

Question of the day: what can a FLOSS developer person do with an iPad? I might need the answer later today.


published: 2018-02-08T09:16:28+01:00

Microsoft to turn Progressive Web Apps into Windows Store apps

But where’s the equality? What about my Conservative Web Apps?


published: 2018-02-07T06:57:07+01:00

On the positive note, while I failed my Foundations of Maths exam, I think I did pretty well on the Linear Algebra one. I mean, I can’t see the results just yet, but the parts that do have the points assigned already went well, like that madly exhausting task with Jordan matrices of endomorphisms with 4 conditions where I scored 10/10.


published: 2018-02-07T06:50:29+01:00

I don’t quite know how to feel about Patreon’s new Lens feature. I hate how many apps have the timing out stories feature. At the same time, I do understand that there’s no one who could possibly watch all the content people produce and archive. But that doesn’t justify the format, and how the popularity of stories boils down to abusing people’s fear of missing out.

All that aside, I really can’t wait for Snapchat or some other stories abuser to suddenly turn out to have kept all the content, running algorithms on it and giving you back the best stories or something.


published: 2018-02-06T19:50:12+01:00

So I was going to try out Pale Moon browser but then this happened, so:

Gimme your favourite lightweight web browser, internet!


published: 2018-02-04T23:09:21+01:00

I’ve been meaning to write a music player for anime music that could keep a library of online files (from Soundcloud, YouTube, Openings.moe, anything youtube-dl could handle) and sensibly handle them. Turns out that using broken symlinks and a bash one-liner, this is possible enough.

I just create a symlink called, say, poptepipiku-op that points at YouTube URL of Pop Team Epic opening song. And then I have a ./play script that just punches all its arguments through readlink and then through youtube-dl -g and then to ffplay or whatever plays music best (mpd became an option after an hour or so of trying to get mocp to work nicely).

All these concepts un-nicely packaged for your love of absurdity, available at https://github.com/michcioperz/weebshit, licensed WTFPL, because how do you even license two bash one-liners?

I only managed to come up with this because someone on the fediverse mentioned Redox OS in the last few days.


published: 2018-02-04T19:15:10+01:00

I have a Linear Algebra exam tomorrow, but I just realized ActivityPub doesn’t really require an immediate response at any point. Expect a static implementation from me soon enough.

The way I want it to work is by sending everything POSTed into inbox to, well, a mailbox locally, where I’ll review stuff locally and react to it. The outbox can be statically generated just like my whole blog’s been so far. Authorization and such stuff is not of concern to me at the moment, because I don’t intend to use it for non-Public messages.


published: 2018-02-04T08:52:04+01:00 :: last updated: 2018-02-20T22:47:10+01:00

I see the fediverse is intrigued by lastfm suddenly so here’s my account: https://www.last.fm/user/michcioperz

You can probably tell I’ve used it for more than a month and by browsing the data you could figure out the time periods where I slept with headphones on.


published: 2018-01-31T22:01:01+01:00

The goal of the Gauss Elimination Chamber Festival is to reform the ruling structure of the internet by removing the dependence on JavaScript. It might end up trying to build a sensible easy-to-use GUI toolkit in the process though, because that’s the only way we’re ever getting Electron out of young people’s minds.

And yes, the name is a pun on our half-assed academic background of undergraduate Computer Science and on Re:Creators.


published: 2018-01-29T22:09:17+01:00

Today I helped test a MCPE custom server running on, I think, MCPE binary; and I tried to start a mad scientist organization devoted to restarting the internet, I guess. Fun stuff.


published: 2018-01-27T15:11:25+01:00

It took me until university to figure out how to play Minesweeper. Thought you should know.

Thinking of writing a solver or something, like I did with Signpost.


published: 2018-01-26T09:12:24+01:00 :: last updated: 2018-01-26T09:36:01+01:00

Current status: wondering how hard it would be for Chrome developers to provide an “opt-in JavaScript” option to users. All the stuff in this screenshot can be opt-in, why shouldn’t JavaScript?

A screenshot of Chromium browser showing content settings, where JavaScript is set to allowed, Flash is “run only important” and the rest - location, camera, microphone, notifications - is “ask before accessing”


published: 2018-01-20T10:44:12+01:00

I picked up Elite: Dangerous on a Humble Store sale and it proved dangerous for my free time. At the core the game feels a lot like EVE Online but with more of an adventurous element. All I’ve done so far (3 hours over an evening) was data delivery missions and maybe one or two cargo deliveries, all with the default ship (that I called MIMUW after my uni department). First upgrade I got my ship was a docking computer because I can’t be bothered to know how to land this thing - I kept messing up the direction I was facing and some other small things.

Although it hurts a little that all the decorations cost real world money (like, come on, the creators could have given us at least one basic nameplate to have), it’s still a far, far better model than making other things cost real world money, and I’m quite grateful for that.

Now excuse me while I unplug my desktop PC so that I could study in peace.


published: 2018-01-17T10:59:18+01:00

I’ve been trying to get Discord to work with my bitlbee setup because my laptop can’t afford to run the full app (there’s hardly enough RAM for a web browser, not to mention an Electron or React Native app).

purple-discord doesn’t really work for me.

bitlbee-discord doesn’t really work for me.

I could probably just use purple-discord with Pidgin but that cuts me from keeping logs.

On GNOME Eolie

published: 2018-01-17T10:56:32+01:00

It appears to me that whenever somebody complains about there not being enough different web browsers somebody starts making another webkit2gtk-based browser and then GNOME adopts it.


published: 2018-01-16T10:53:45+01:00

Current mood: singing “install Gentoo install Gentoo” to the melody of Konosuba’s “bakuretsu bakuretsu”.


published: 2018-01-10T10:43:07+01:00

I would like to thank the Warsaw Metro staff for not kicking me out for unpacking a mysterious cardboard box from a bookstore on a train.

Randall Munroe’s “what if” book, Polish edition


published: 2018-01-08T23:40:31+01:00

There’s a fair amount of websites that kind of just work on ELinks on my netbook, but they could be far more comfortable if designed differently. For example, GitHub has so much data on some repos (branch/tag lists) that the browser just hangs.

On the other hand there’s quite a few websites that don’t work at all without JavaScript and the likes, but I think I could figure out how to write a wrapper server of sorts that would run on my device and transform the website into something edible for ELinks.

So I was wondering if I could just fork ELinks and get it to half-silently send requests matching one of the expressions put together by the wrapper server to the wrapper server instead of the actual server. This would allow me, amongst other things, to browse crates.io without issues. (At the time of writing trying to access anything on crates.io returns a JSON that says something like “not found”.)

I was wondering how I could enforce it that only a small subset of necessary and sensible things be used for those replacement websites, gave it some thought on the metro this morning, and between “this sounds like something Gopher would be good for” and “I feel like I’m reinventing the wheel” I realized I’ve been considering revival of WAP.

I’ll just blame it on tea. I haven’t drunk black tea in a few weeks.


published: 2018-01-07T14:40:34+01:00

People say the landscape seen from a high speed highway are boring, but it turns out the same applies to a high speed highway in building. It’s just huge plots of land dug up, reshaped, accompanied by half-finished bridges and other pieces of concrete. I’ve had a deja vu thrice over one hour and the travel’s far from over yet.


published: 2018-01-06T00:08:53+01:00 :: last updated: 2018-01-06T00:10:15+01:00

Re: Twitter policy on world leaders

If we assume the programs we write have a TRON-esque form we just haven’t discovered yet, aren’t all programmers world leaders?

What about creators of TV shows? Clearly they are world leaders too. Same about writers.

Same about everyone who dreams.


published: 2018-01-05T12:25:55+01:00

That feeling when you download McDonald’s mobile app and it recommends you download McDonald’s mobile app.


published: 2018-01-04T12:52:17+01:00

It’s come to my attention that Spotify has finally invented a “replacement” for libspotify which works in just a small percentage of former use cases, the Web Playback SDK. It utilises EME to gracefully dump all the commandline nerds and low-power devices just like that.


published: 2018-01-03T19:41:45+01:00

So it turns out (first reported by a kind soul on Twitter) that it’s just Alpine Linux’s build of Firefox that breaks when given the feed of my blog. But still, I think I’ll just work on the generator some more and start making proper index.html.


published: 2018-01-03T11:28:26+01:00

Okay, here’s a fun new fact.

My blog is a correct Atom feed.

Viewing the feed crashes Firefox on my laptop.

A little rant on my family house

published: 2018-01-03T11:21:07+01:00

Breakfast is a perfect meal to have spaghetti for.

Sometimes people ask me for my thoughts and feelings about living in Warsaw, away from my parents and stuff. I usually go with a simple “it’s fine, I got used to it”, but there’s a number of annoying things I notice when I go back home.

First, there’s the cat. She’s damn heavy when she falls asleeps on your chest while you’re sleeping. And then she’s painfully heavy when she’s just walking around on your body, trying to find a nice place to sleep on. And I haven’t even mentioned having to change the box.

Second, the whole house is too huge. I remember that ever since we moved here from the flat we lived in before, the cleaning takes all of Saturday, unless we have to hurry for some guests or such, then we bodge it by dismissing the need to clean the bathroom upstairs or something.

Third, I don’t know if that’s a consequence of growing up in a Soviet-ish state, but my parents and my grandmas always buy lots of food, quite probably far more than we actually need. When I was younger I thought that surely I’d be able to save up some money by buying only as much food as needed. That turned out half-true – now I spend the saved money on games and servers and what-not instead.

And then there’s one more thing that makes Warsaw cooler than this village for me, the public transport and the number of places I can go to. Back here I had to take a 20 minutes walk to catch a bus to Lublin that would take another 20 minutes, and from there I could get to a cinema or a burger joint on foot in 15 minutes. Meanwhile my flat in Warsaw, despite being far from the centre, almost on the edge of the city, is 5 minutes away from a Metro station, the Metro takes 15 minutes to get me to the centre (and the trains are far more frequent than the buses I mentioned). Even though my uni is 15 minutes in the different direction from the centre, that’s still a good improvement. Not to mention the fact I have a cinema one Metro station (2-3 minutes) from the flat, and a burger joint close to my station.


published: 2018-01-03T02:28:02+01:00

Mom said I’m the one making lunch tomorrow for once they all come home; some generic spaghetti. I wonder though if there’s enough stuff to make it twice. I feel like eating a huge bowl of spaghetti first thing in the morming and the worst part is I may get to do it.


published: 2018-01-03T02:11:09+01:00

I drank cola all evening, because there was nothing else in the house, so I stayed up till late. And now a memory of Kiseijuu manga is keeping me further awake with my fear of dying coupled with my weak faith, so I’ll write a bit more now.

I went to my high school yesterday (Tuesday; it’s already long past midnight). One reason was because it was a convenient way to meet up with James, but also I wanted to leave my family house and see some of my old friends and kouhais once in a while.

The school hasn’t changed much since I graduated. The CompSci teacher says he hasn’t found a replacement for me and my broad skillset, but he did find people to do the things I used to do, the website, the students server, all of that.

I can’t say that I’m satisfied with what they’ve been doing, but I don’t think it would be right of me to demand from someone to be like me. I know a bit of everything, but I don’t think it to be too valuable. Recruiters seem to agree; or maybe I just picked the view from them.

The people who replaced me surely made some peculiar decisions, such as nuking /etc/nginx to keep nginx from starting faster than Apache2, and using VirtualBox directly to run Windows 10, and having a .NET app to let people create accounts on the server (which notably declared the need for 21 gigabytes of virtual memory). But eventually, they’ll figure it all out, and that makes me a bit happy.

And it’s not like I’m completely unneeded. After all, it would appear I’m the only one who can be bothered to get through installing SIO2, though it hurts my pride that I wasn’t able to finish the process in one day.


published: 2018-01-03T01:22:37+01:00

I think I may finally be able to pick up some podcasts thanks to Spotify now having a huge base of them. I’m not exactly sure which ones, cause there are still too many (who would’ve thought hahaha) and I’m still mediocre at understanding casual English conversations (high school classes had me adapt to clear British English as well as Polish mumbling that sounds a bit like English).

So far what I think I may like is Polygon’s Quality Control, and then Star has yelled good things about The Adventure Zone in her Discord and on Twitter, and so has Tim, but I tried the first episode and it’s a bit hard to get used to.

I feel like I’m missing out on something huge, like a recommendation engine that could gather what my friends listen to.

In the meantime I caved in and installed Twidere and configured it for both my Twitter and my niu.moe account, but I’d like to only use it to keep in touch with friends, like, no original content posted except for links to here. Which I suppose means writing infrastructure for that again, yikes.

Also I have just realized that I can move cursor in Vim in Termux by touching the target point. That should make typing these posts much easier.


published: 2018-01-01T11:04:11+01:00

I saw peppy’s video about progress on osu!lazer last night, and the project sure has come a long way, I love the designs, I even played a little, and it looks almost finished, aside from missing the connection to Bancho and multiplayer (which I don’t really miss? never played it really).

It also turned out that I got a little bit better at osu! itself, when playing with my brother’s old gaming mouse he ditched for a new Logitech and with my laptop’s built-in mediocre keyboard. Maybe even better than when I played with a tablet and a mecha keyboard.


published: 2018-01-01T00:37:37+01:00

So it is that time of the year where we celebrate being in an arbitrary point of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, chosen years ago by somebody.

I am being told that having an interval of time like this helps people have closure, put things behind them, renew their hope for a better future.

Maybe that is the reason I don’t feel any urge to celebrate? I don’t feel any closure. The life’s all the same. Plenty of people wanted 2017 to end quickly. Plenty wanted the same for 2016. But does it mean the world’s taking a turn for worse? I don’t believe it. Bad things always happen. Good things always happen.

As for the hope for future, I don’t really have any, and none of my projects have seen any meaningful progress, so this feeling is going to stay for a longer while. Systemd is shit, JavaScript is run on our computers by whoever we try to get information from, and my CompSci studies feel pointless.

I will end up at a corporation, programming things that solve nothing about issues I care about, or things that go straight against my personal views. Or perhaps I’ll end up a starving freelancer, because why would anyone want a website without all the flashy moving things that make it less readable. Of course, there are options in between those two extremes, but they all boil down to an inner conflict of views.

I fail to accept what I have, but I also fail to come up with solutions to the problems, and to deliver the determination necessary to go through with them. Year after year.


published: 2017-12-30T19:13:42+01:00

I think I’ll be turning this place into something that can federate with ActivityPub. I think I could just make the inbox send objects to me via email, and I could respond with hand-written objects, pushing them manually. There are things that would have to be fully automated, like following, because that’s what the pubsub protocols like to require, but there’s plenty that can be deferred to be done manually.

I’ve also been meaning to shut down one of my servers, Megumin, to save up a bit, but I don’t think it can be done as fast as I’d like (which is before the year ends), but at least I started writing down the services that my servers handle, and I even moved a few unimportant things to GitHub Pages.

But for now, I might as well stick to watching some more Princess Principal.


published: 2017-12-10T09:39:18+01:00

This year’s Facebook’s personal Year in Review video kicks off with a photo of my Nokia E51 and generally just goes through my various posts, interlaced with big words like “doing things together” followed by even more posts of mine that have no sign of anybody else.

Is this just how Facebook does it for people who don’t upload photos of themselves and/or don’t upload photos of themselves with friends?

I should really get rid of it.


published: 2017-12-08T09:18:13+01:00 :: last updated: 2017-12-08T09:19:42+01:00

Dear uni, please give me my sleep back

screenshot showing sharp increase in sleep deficit since uni started


published: 2017-12-04T18:18:08+01:00

Confused by this Cory Doctorow tweet, it’s almost as if Cory hasn’t touched Firefox for the all those years I’ve been using it.


published: 2017-12-03T18:16:38+01:00

With some of the negative press Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is getting you’d think it’s an outright bad game. But I guess that’s more complex. For once, I am not constantly tired of it and wanting it to die, instead, I am tired of it every now and then – for example, right now, because it’s unwilling to give me any Christmas-special-event materials.

And still there’s another thing about Animal Crossing as a series – I see it as a (please forgive me) training camp for capitalism. If you just think about it, you’re constantly in debt, and the game repeatedly rewards you for taking actions (which is how capitalism is supposed to work I guess?).


published: 2017-12-03T11:49:44+01:00

Writing XML by hand was getting pretty boring (especially on the metro), so now I have a cute little git hook on my own server that builds the XMLs from Markdown files for me, using Git data to calculate the update time. Nice!


published: 2017-12-03T11:31:24+01:00

I might have finally understood Inuyashiki. Just in time for the final anime episode in 2 weeks.


published: 2017-11-30T08:52:00+01:00 :: last updated: 2017-12-08T09:20:50+01:00

The Elder Scrolls Online kicks off a free weekend, starting tomorrow

Yeah no thanks I prefer to pass that huge Foundations of Maths test.


published: 2017-11-21T07:18:00+01:00

Day temperature tomorrow is -0 degrees Celsius. Data kindly provided by that surprisingly broken news software on the Warsaw Metro trains that also display yesterday’s stock exchange numbers as from today’s closing if there wasn’t an opening today yet.


published: 2017-11-19T22:43:00+01:00

I guess that’s just a manga about pain. And pain. And pain. And suffering. As reflected by the anime’s OP.

Still haven’t come to terms with it.


published: 2017-11-19T09:34:40+01:00

So I’ve just run into yet another “smarter, faster web browser”. Yes, it it Electron based. I guess it’s true what they said at the foundations of programming lecture, that we care about speed more than about memory, because memory can never be worse than speed. But… omg they said “it uses less battery power”. Tell me all about how a freakin’ Electron uses less battery power.


published: 2017-11-18T22:26:30+01:00

I couldn’t wait for the next episode of Inuyashiki anime, so I kinda sat down and read it all until the ending, but what I saw there just put me in the same sort of limbo Lucid9 did. The ending’s great, but there’s no catharsis in it for me.