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A little rant on my family house

published: 2018-01-03T11:21:07+01:00

Breakfast is a perfect meal to have spaghetti for.

Sometimes people ask me for my thoughts and feelings about living in Warsaw, away from my parents and stuff. I usually go with a simple “it’s fine, I got used to it”, but there’s a number of annoying things I notice when I go back home.

First, there’s the cat. She’s damn heavy when she falls asleeps on your chest while you’re sleeping. And then she’s painfully heavy when she’s just walking around on your body, trying to find a nice place to sleep on. And I haven’t even mentioned having to change the box.

Second, the whole house is too huge. I remember that ever since we moved here from the flat we lived in before, the cleaning takes all of Saturday, unless we have to hurry for some guests or such, then we bodge it by dismissing the need to clean the bathroom upstairs or something.

Third, I don’t know if that’s a consequence of growing up in a Soviet-ish state, but my parents and my grandmas always buy lots of food, quite probably far more than we actually need. When I was younger I thought that surely I’d be able to save up some money by buying only as much food as needed. That turned out half-true – now I spend the saved money on games and servers and what-not instead.

And then there’s one more thing that makes Warsaw cooler than this village for me, the public transport and the number of places I can go to. Back here I had to take a 20 minutes walk to catch a bus to Lublin that would take another 20 minutes, and from there I could get to a cinema or a burger joint on foot in 15 minutes. Meanwhile my flat in Warsaw, despite being far from the centre, almost on the edge of the city, is 5 minutes away from a Metro station, the Metro takes 15 minutes to get me to the centre (and the trains are far more frequent than the buses I mentioned). Even though my uni is 15 minutes in the different direction from the centre, that’s still a good improvement. Not to mention the fact I have a cinema one Metro station (2-3 minutes) from the flat, and a burger joint close to my station.