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published: 2018-01-20T10:44:12+01:00

I picked up Elite: Dangerous on a Humble Store sale and it proved dangerous for my free time. At the core the game feels a lot like EVE Online but with more of an adventurous element. All I’ve done so far (3 hours over an evening) was data delivery missions and maybe one or two cargo deliveries, all with the default ship (that I called MIMUW after my uni department). First upgrade I got my ship was a docking computer because I can’t be bothered to know how to land this thing - I kept messing up the direction I was facing and some other small things.

Although it hurts a little that all the decorations cost real world money (like, come on, the creators could have given us at least one basic nameplate to have), it’s still a far, far better model than making other things cost real world money, and I’m quite grateful for that.

Now excuse me while I unplug my desktop PC so that I could study in peace.