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published: 2018-02-04T23:09:21+01:00

I’ve been meaning to write a music player for anime music that could keep a library of online files (from Soundcloud, YouTube, Openings.moe, anything youtube-dl could handle) and sensibly handle them. Turns out that using broken symlinks and a bash one-liner, this is possible enough.

I just create a symlink called, say, poptepipiku-op that points at YouTube URL of Pop Team Epic opening song. And then I have a ./play script that just punches all its arguments through readlink and then through youtube-dl -g and then to ffplay or whatever plays music best (mpd became an option after an hour or so of trying to get mocp to work nicely).

All these concepts un-nicely packaged for your love of absurdity, available at https://github.com/michcioperz/weebshit, licensed WTFPL, because how do you even license two bash one-liners?

I only managed to come up with this because someone on the fediverse mentioned Redox OS in the last few days.